The iba System

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The iba system for process data acquisition and analysis consists of perfectly adjusted hardware and software components for acquiring, recording, analyzing and processing measurement data. Due to the modular design and the simple configuration, the iba system can be adapted comfortably to the various tasks and is scalable in size at any time.

Areas of Application



Failures in automated systems can lead to production downtime and inferior quality. Failure mode analysis is easily achieved for maintenance personnel that have access to the archived data. Through automated or ad-hoc analysis, users determine the cause and effect relationships and act to eliminate or reduce the chance of repeat occurrences. More




Process analysis is made easy with an iba system. Being able to quickly and efficiently analyze process data is vital to process optimization. Having the ability to make data driven decisions when new systems are put in place or existing systems are being modified is crucial. Access to originally recorded raw data, as well as aggregated statistical data, is paramount to successful long-term process improvement. More




For documenting automated production systems and processes, quality data characteristics and calculated analytical values need to be stored in a reliable quality management system. Once production of a product is complete, customer-specific reports containing the measured data and calculated statistical data can be automatically generated via user-defined templates created in ibaAnalyzer. More




Measuring and monitoring electric power quality is a crucial tool for energy producers, grid operators, and consumers alike. Documenting supply reliability and voltage quality to prove compliance with emission limits is possible, in addition to providing the analytics tools to troubleshoot and prevent faults. More




Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) use vibration measurement in combination with intelligent analysis procedures to detect wear and tear on mechanical components at an early stage. They lay the foundation to transition from preventative to predictive maintenance. Thus, mechanical components are optimally used over their real service life and the costs for unexpected downtimes and spare parts are reduced. More




For reliable real-time monitoring of vibrations, offline analysis tools for optimization and validation are indispensable. The iba system offers you coordinated tools for vibration monitoring and analysis combined with process data. More




The acquisition of measurement data in machines and plants is a basic prerequisite for your digitalization strategy. Measurement data can be used to create a digital image which can be used for optimization, validation, and long-term analysis. An advantage for the digitalization of your machines and plants within the framework of your Industrie 4.0 strategy. ibaDAQ provides the necessary interfaces for acquiring high-resolution measurement data (southbound) and for data output (northbound). More

The iba system – autonomous, modular, scalable

iba AG's mission is to bring transparency to the world of industrial production, power generation and energy distribution plants. Using the iba measurement system, you can be sure that your installations and machines are recorded 360°, and every process is recorded and visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does the iba measurement system work?

  1. Acquire data. The basis for an efficient process data analysis is the time synchronous acquisition of relevant data at characteristic places within an automated plant. Data from different signal sources can be acquired synchronously. Due to the isochronous measurement, causal relations can be detected and understood also in complex and distributed systems.
  2. Record data. Like a flight recorder, the iba system acquires and stores various measurement data for long-term availability by using the ibaPDA system (process data acquisition). The data is recorded continuously (24/7) or triggered by certain defined events. Signals chosen by the user can be visualized online, combined with each other and analyzed.
  3. Analyze data. Depending on it’s objective, recorded data are individually analyzed after measurement: either interactively or automatically on base of predefined analysis rules. Also longterm analysis of HD data is possible. With ibaAnalyzer you have a flexible tool with a free license which can be installed and deployed several times.
  4. Optimize. By deriving Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the user gains valuable information about the acquired process. You document your process in customer specific reports, recognize trends and receive an alarm when limit values are exceeded.


What are the benefits of a measurement system for your company?

  • Increasing productivity,
  • Minimizing plant downtimes,
  • Optimizing processes,
  • Saving energy and raw materials,
  • Documentation and increasing product quality,
  • Avoiding critical machine conditions.

In addition to practical functionality, iba hardware and software are characterized by connectivity with automation systems. iba takes into account concepts from different manufacturers and different generations of devices, and also supports older systems - this is a clear advantage considering the life cycle of the installation.




Implementation, training and technical support of the system

As the official Sales Partner of iba, we are responsible for the implementation and technical support of iba solutions in Poland. If you want to acquire the iba system outside Poland, please contact your local sales partner for details. You can check the list of worldwide subsidiaries here.


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