No cure, no pay and other terms

Free quotation

We start each repair by identifying the extent of damage to the device. On this basis, we make a free quote for the repair service. The quote is non-binding – if the customer does not accept the presented offer, the device will be returned to them free of charge.

How does it work?

  • A customer contacts ADEGIS regarding a device failure.
  • The customer sends the device to our repair center in Poland.
  • We carry out diagnostics.
  • The customer receives an offer with a repair estimate and expected completion time.
  • After accepting the offer, we start the repair.
  • If you do not accept it, we return the device at ADEGIS' expense.

Free expertise


No cure – no pay

From the beginning, we have been guided by the iron rule "no cure – no pay", i.e. "no repair – no costs". We are aware that a production downtime caused by a failure of industrial automation exposes the plant to large enough losses. Therefore, out of concern for our relationships, in those rare cases when the service does not bring the expected results, we do not charge the client with additional costs.

How does it work?

  • The customer commissioned ADEGIS to repair the device.
  • During the repair, a fault was detected that was not revealed by the initial diagnosis. It turns out that in this case repair will not be possible.
  • The device is returned to the Customer at ADEGIS' expense or – if agreed – disposed of.
  • ADEGIS does not charge a fee for unsuccessful repairs.
  • The rule also applies to the entire warranty period.

No cure - no pay


Free shipping

In our work, we focus on reliable and efficient execution of orders and minimizing the costs incurred by the customer as a result of a failure. That's why we guarantee free shipping for all devices purchased or repaired in our service center. We deliver free of charge via reliable courier companies. This also applies to components from the exchange service, which we send within 24 hours.

Free delivery on the platform applies to:

  • In Poland: for orders over EUR 20 net;;
  • In other EU countries: for orders over EUR 50 net.

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