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ADEGIS is a rapidly developing company located in Poland. Our history dates back to 2010, when we were just a small entrepreneur trading in industrial automation. Today we employ over 50 people, cooperate with industry leaders from Western Europe and serve thousands of clients in Poland and abroad.

We offer a wide range of services that allow you to maintain the continuity of production while also reducing costs. We sell and repair industrial electronics and industrial automation parts. We are also an official Sales Partner of iba AG – the company behind the iba System, a measurement system for industry and energy.

We are one of the few companies on the market that are able not only to repair or replace a device, but also to offer a long-term cooperation that will allow our clients to make savings or reduce risk of production downtimes.

Our goal is to

We ensure fast delivery and a warranty
of up to 24 months for all products.


Our services

  • Sale of industrial automation parts. We have created an extensive stock of spare parts for almost all leading automation manufacturers. We supply both new and used devices that have been professionally refurbished and tested by our specialists. We also provide support for older parts that have been withdrawn from production and are considered difficult to obtain.
    You can send us an inquiry via Inquiry form or buy a product directly at By using our e-shop, you have access to current stock levels and can significantly speed up the ordering process.
  • Repair and refurbishment. Before starting the repair, we carry out diagnostics, during which we determine how serious the device has been damaged and what costs will be associated with its repair. The quote is free and non-binding – if the customer does not accept the offer, the product will be returned to them.
    The most important elements we service are: CNC parts, PLCs, motors, servo drives, frequency converters and operator panels of various manufacturers. We would like to point out that if an effective repair cannot be performed, the customer will not bear any costs. We call this the “no cure – no pay” rule.
    Our service offer also includes scheduled inspections, during which we perform preventive actions such as cleaning the device or replacing worn components.
  • Exchange service. Replacing a damaged part with a functional one often turns out to be an excellent alternative to repair: it helps save valuable time and reduce the costs of failure. We replace devices primarily for Siemens components. All the customer has to do is contact us and we will present a convenient offer and, after accepting it, we will immediately send a working product.
  • Measurement systems for industry and energy. The iba system has been proven for years as one of the most comprehensive systems for the acquisition and analysis of data necessary for maintenance and production. ADEGIS, as the exclusive iba distributor in Poland, is responsible for system implementation, provides technical support, and offers training for Polish users.
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