Automation powered by renewable energy

Did you know that all the energy we used in 2023 came from renewable sources? You too can take responsibility for the future of next generations. Work with a partner implementing circular economy goals.

In 2023, 100% of ADEGIS's energy consumption came from renewable sources!

Our decision to invest in a renewable energy source is an expression of our belief that the industry we influence has a responsibility to leave the world behind in the state in which we found it. For the good of today's and future generations.

That's why we equipped our headquarters with 108 solar panels with a total power of 49.68 kW. The investment not only effectively reduced the consumption of environmentally harmful energy, but also reduced the operating costs of our headquarters in Poland.

For many years we have also been actively supporting the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" principle by repairing and selling refurbished devices. Our qualified team of electronical and mechanical engineers brings defective components back to life, reducing the amount of waste and the need to produce new devices. Thanks to this, we not only save valuable natural resources, but also offer our clients cost-effective solutions that are friendly to both the wallet and the planet. This approach extends the life of equipment, prevents unnecessary waste and reduces CO2 emissions.

We believe that every gesture to protect the planet matters. Through our actions, we want to inspire others – our employees, customers, business partners and local communities – to take similar steps towards a sustainable future. By choosing sustainable practices and the right business partners, each of us can contribute to a better world.

Renewable energy certificate for our headquarters in Poland