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Buy, repair, replace, sell. ADEGIS Shop offers over 60,000 industrial automation components and devices of the highest quality. Thanks to the expansion of our operations, we can now support our partners' businesses in 50 European countries!

Since 2015, we have been continuously supporting companies in the industrial sector by providing industrial automation components. As one of the few on the market, we are able to not only repair or replace an element, but also help companies counteract the risk of failure, optimize processes, introduce savings, and most importantly, be a partner you can count on in the event of an emergency. In addition to a rich offer of new products, we offer used industrial automation components, and our store has over 60,000 products that save production lines and production systems in times of crisis.

Industrial automation is our passion. Thanks to the accumulated know-how, we are able to better understand the problems faced by our clients, which allows us to provide not only specific products, but also protection and prevention against sudden failures. We provide professional advice and support at every stage of the client's activity.

Although our history begins in Wodzisław Śląski and for a long time was related only to the Polish market, for several years we have been expanding our activities also to the Czech and Slovak markets, and for over a year also to the Spanish.

Opening the international ADEGIS online store turned out to be an essential step in our further development. Thanks to the expansion of our operations, we can now support our partners' businesses in 50 European countries!

At ADEGIS, we have always placed great emphasis on the availability of our product range and the highest quality of cooperation with clients. Although our development is the result of many years of hard work of the entire team, it is not only a confirmation of our efforts to date, but also an inspiration to constantly improve our activities.

What industrial automation elements and services do we offer?

  1. Professional devices and elements of industrial automation - Our offer includes industrial automation components from well-known manufacturers. We offer both new and used equipment that has been professionally refurbished and tested by our specialists. We also provide support for older parts withdrawn from production and considered difficult to obtain on the market.
  2. Parts repair - We carry out diagnostics and determine the severity of the failure of industrial automation components and the costs of their repair. The quote is free and non-binding - if the client does not accept the presented offer, the product will be returned to them. The most important elements serviced by us include: PLC, CNC, motors, servo drives, frequency converters and operator panels.
    By repairing a non-functioning component, you act ecologically, support sustainable development and a better future for our planet. Industrial automation can also be eco-friendly - find out more by reading the article:
  3. Replacing parts - Replacing a damaged element with a functional one is an alternative that allows you to save time and reduce the costs of failure. We replace devices mainly for Siemens parts. All the client needs to do is contact us and we will present a favorable offer and, after accepting it, we will immediately send a working product.

Ensure the efficiency of the production process

What do you gain by cooperating with ADEGIS?

  • Industrial automation components of the highest quality.
  • Expert knowledge.
  • More than 60,000 products in the ADEGIS Shop with a 24-month guarantee.
  • Free quote for the service.
  • Attractive, competitive prices.
  • Instant delivery. The efficiency of the production process will now always be at a high level.

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